Key Performance Indicators

Target audience
Performance indicator

Researchers and students

Open access peer reviewed scientific publications / preprints / open data sets through each partner’s repository of choice.

  20 publications/year written by all the academic members of the consortium, most of them jointly.

  10 GB of data openly shared per year

International conferences

– presentations/year.

-15 posters to conferences per year.

Organisation of conferences or scientific workshops/symposia (with invited guest speakers)

  1 scientific symposium per year (50+ attendees) organised at the CoE

  1 final conference (120+ attendees) organised by the consortium at the end of the project.

  3 conferences co-organised by the CoE researchers

Short (a few hours) online seminars with internationally renowned guests. This will include seminars by younger researchers.

    12 invited guests per year.8 young researchers per year

Summer schools for early-stage researchers

    Once a year, organised in remote sites

Businesses and investors

Organisation of cluster brokerage/networking events

    Once a year, organised at the CoE (30+ participants)

Participation in existing business events

    Participation of CoE’s representatives in 2+ external events/year.

Technologies to transfer (licencing or sale)

    Dedicated website section

Policy makers

Invitation to the cluster events

    Once a year, organised at the CoE (30+ participants)

Sharing of policy white papers with Lithuanian policy makers

    One policy white paper shared per year


Organisation of citizen events to present the technologies and their impact to the society

    One event per year (40+ visitors)

Participation in external citizen science events (Science Festivals, the European Researchers’ Night, or the Science is Wonderful! Initiative).

    Participation in at least 2 citizen events per year