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Project Objectives

Create the CoE, recruit talents, develop operational processes

Conduct research on AI-IoT methods and capabilities for the development of sustainable forest-based research applications

Integrate the developed AI-IoT methods into targeted Lithuanian ICT industries to boost forest data intelligence with AI

Create a Lithuanian AI and IoT cluster to implement a Lithuanian Smart Forestry Strategy and promote the CoE abroad

About the Forest 4.0 project

The overall objective of the FOREST 4.0 project is to establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE) to transform the forest environment monitoring, data acquisition, and analysis, and capture value from the collected data by implementing innovations based on artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The CoE will be founded by two Lithuanian partners (Vytautas Magnus University – VMU) and Kaunas University of Technology – KTU) teaming with a leading counterpart from Sweden (Linnaeus University – LNU) and three networking and business development partners (InteriorCluster from Sweden, ART21 UAB and AgriFood Lithuania Digital Innovation Hub from Lithuania). The CoE will be created as a new legal entity and will comprise leading researchers from different domains that will implement an ambitious long term research and innovation strategy. The CoE will also provide innovation services to businesses and host a startup incubator. The impact of the project will be a rise in research excellence and reputation in forestry management and AI/IoT technologies for Lithuania; the constitution of a critical mass of excellent international researchers in the targeted domains; the production of a growing amount of research (publications) and innovation (patents, new technologies, startups) outputs; and expanding international networks for the Lithuanian partners.


Project duration

From 2023 05 01 to 2029 04 30

20m. Eur.

Project budget

9,9 mln. eur from EU, 9,9 mln. eur from LT

Kick-off event agenda

News & Updates

Year one in review: the journey of project FOREST 4.0

As we wrap up the first year of project FOREST 4.0, we’re excited to share a video highlighting our key moments and achievements. From innovative technology implementations to community-driven conservation efforts, it captures the essence of our mission to revolutionize the forestry sector…

AgriFood Forum 2023 reflection: panel discussion on “Forests at the forefront: data-driven climate resilience”

Last week, we returned from the AgriFood Forum 2023 in Vilnius—the largest event of its kind in the Baltics, bringing together political, business, and academic leaders from around the world. These leaders share a common goal: addressing the complex challenges facing the planet in the long term.…

FOREST 4.0 partners pursue their vision of the future forest by enhancing collaboration in Sweden

At the end of September, Forest 4.0 partners from Lithuania and Sweden came together to refine their plan to create a significant organization: a Centre of Excellence to help digitize forestry. The working session in Sweden emphasized the EU-wide importance of a technologically advanced and…

Project FOREST 4.0 unveils a bold vision to revolutionize forest management

Sweden, September 25, 2023 — Project Forest 4.0, a visionary undertaking aimed at establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) within a six-year timeframe, is set to redefine the landscape of forest environmental monitoring, data collection, and analysis. This ambitious initiative seeks to harness…

EC Policy Officer Dr. Karina Firkavičiūtė: FOREST 4.0 represents a significant stride for Lithuanian research and innovation

The forestry sector is pivotal in Lithuania’s economy and nature protection systems, necessitating innovation and technological advancement. Establishing a center of excellence in smart forestry within Lithuania marks a crucial move towards attracting investments, fostering business partnerships,…

FOREST 4.0 Opening Event – Kick-off Meeting

The project’s FOREST 4.0 opening event – Kick-off meeting will take place on 10-11th of May, 2023, Kaunas, Vytautas Magnus University. During this event the coordinator, partners and honorable guests will discuss the main goal – to establish a Centre of Excellence to transform the forest…

Services for business/ public authorities

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  • Requirements and specification development
  • Project supervision
  • Blueprints
  • Consultancy
  • Certification
  • Forest 4.0 data


  • Educational laboratories


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