WP1 - Governance

This WP will establish the new legal entity, the by-laws, and the governance and management structure of the CoE.

WP2 - Human resources

This WP will consist in managing the recruitment of all the CoE’s staff and design and implement all the human resources policies.

WP3 - CoE infrastructure

This WP will focus on the infrastructure and equipment acquisition and then management and the operational processes. Specific objective 2 “conduct research on AI-IoT methods and capabilities for the development of sustainable forestbased research applications” will be achieved through the following WP.

WP4 - Scientific excellence and education activities development

This is the research WP, that will consist in implementing the CoE’s research strategy. This WP will also include the education actions aimed at both the CoE staff and third parties. Specific objective 3 “integrate the developed AI-IoT methods into targeted Lithuanian ICT industries to boost forest data intelligence with AI” will be achieved through the following WP.

WP5 - Business model implementation through innovation support services

This is the WP that will cover the financial sustainability of the CoE by designing and implementing innovation services that will create revenue streams, but also support the impact of the CoE in terms of knowledge transfer to businesses. Specific objective 4 “create a Lithuanian AI and IoT cluster to implement a Lithuanian Smart Forestry Strategy and promote the CoE abroad” will be achieved through the following WP

WP6 - Dissemination, exploitation, and communication (DEC)

In this WP, we will implement the DEC plan that will, among its objectives, support the creation of a cluster in Lithuania around the CoE, and promote the CoE to all the relevant targets in Lithuania and abroad