Last week, we returned from the AgriFood Forum 2023 in Vilnius—the largest event of its kind in the Baltics, bringing together political, business, and academic leaders from around the world. These leaders share a common goal: addressing the complex challenges facing the planet in the long term. Reflecting on the forum’s theme, “Peace for Food: Sustainability, Security for Society, and Planet”, a profound series of discussions unfolded, leaving an indelible mark on our commitment to sustainable practices and technological progress. We had the opportunity to present one of them.

CEO of the CoE Laimonas Butkus and FOREST 4.0 coordinator Prof. Dr. Tomas Krilavičius at the AgriFood Forum 2023

The powerful event commenced with a video capturing the forum’s organizers and their partners engaging in a tree-planting initiative. We concluded the day’s discussions symbolically with the theme “Forests at the Forefront: Data-Driven Climate Resilience”.

Sven Kallen, founder and secretary at Life Terra Foundation and CEO of Volterra Ecosystems, set the stage with insightful remarks elucidating the substantial impact of tree-planting actions. His emphasis on the indispensable role of innovative data management in forest monitoring, protection, and growth resonated cohesively with the main hall’s audience.

Apart from S. Kallen, the discussion moderated by Živilė Kropaitė-Basiulė was attended by esteemed panelists: Prof. Dr. Tomas Krilavičius, FOREST 4.0 coordinator and dean of the faculty of Informatics at Vytautas Magnus University, Dr. Algis Gaižutis, chairman of the board of the Lithuanian Forest and Landowners Association, and Ben Rivoire, head of Sustainability and Crop Value Chain at the International Seed Federation. These experts in their field conveyed invaluable insights and unwavering passion, propelling forum participants toward a more sustainable future.

In the aftermath of this enlightening discussion, the commitment of the project’s team to fostering positive change remains resolute. We are ready to strengthen efforts to comprehend, safeguard, and innovate for the benefit of a greener and progressive tomorrow! Your collaboration in any form in this journey is both welcomed and valued—why not consider planting a tree in your backyard?